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Sunday, October 27, 2002
theater hostages (cont.)

jihadi spirit

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They had some military anaylist on the bbc, who goes that the description of wot the patients were sufffering it seems to be that the Russians used BZ gas.

This is not banned, but is very close to the catorogies of banned gases( suprize suprize). It was orignially developed in america and used in the vietnam war.

the germans in particular want the name of the gas, as without it it is dificult fopr the doctors to treat the ppl without knowing wot was used in the first place.

The nuber of acsualties is also under reperoted. In the intial takeing of the bulidian, it was estimated that there was approx 700 ppl inside the building, of which over 300 were being treated in one hosptial alone for gas poinseing, with many more in other hospitals (meaning that the media is again hiding the truth to support the russion terrorosts)

i jus want to add.......

how many times have u seen a hostage situation, in which the hostages were not only given mediacl care, but also were given food and water????

Desipite the fact that they were hostaged they were treated in a good way. Yet they (the mujahideen) get so much stick for treating ppl nicley...and the russians go in all "gung ho"injusing countless ppl both here and in the atrocious wat crimes they commit in chechneya and they get praised for "handleing the situation well" :rolleyes

I know u really cant expect much more in the war against Islaam, but truley we should all make dua for them, untill the time comes when inshallah we would be granted the honour of goin there and doin jihad, and inshallah of being shaheed.

faith and flowers wilt and die if they are hidden from the sky

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10-27-2002 10:30 PM

Senior Member

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Assalamu Alaikumm
jazakAllah khayran for the post it was a cracker jack
U can never believe nething u hear on the news

neway inshAllah
I am off, I have college 2morrow and brother Majid, the BLOODY CRACKER JACK OF AN Ameer
has assigned me with a task
i need 2 prepare for a war

Wasalaam sonny liston

And what is the matter with you, when you are asked to march forth in the cause of Allah, you cling heavily to the Earth?

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10-27-2002 10:40 PM

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An Important Message From Jihad Unspun
It is unfortunate indeed that you have failed to protect the people who post on your board. I have asked you repeatedly to remove my posts over the past 24 hours in light of the fact that you are under SERIOUS INVESTIGATION from the authorities. The management (if it can be called that) continues to act irresponsibly, preferring to continue to feed your own already bloated egos rather than to protect the many young peoples names and email addresses and posts that are contained in your database.

As of now we have taken two initial steps. We have snagged a copy of your database which currently resides on an unsecured server. In addition, we have contacted the German ISPs who you intend to move to, advising them that it will not be in there best interests to provide you with hosting services.

Kindly remove as per our previous requests all references to Jihad Unspun and advise your members of the REAL situation that is going on so that they may make informed decisions as whether to continue to post to this infiltrated board or delete their posts also. It is painfully obvious you are unable to protect yourselves and you have a moral obligation to make your situation known so that at least individuals may protect themselves.

Should you fail to heed my requests again, be advised I will be escalating events to make ensure this request is carried out. Govern yourselves accordingly.


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10-28-2002 05:43 AM

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